Market Location

Fastest Growing Businesses

Target the businesses in your area monthly who have been identified as experiencing a rapid expansion curve, and are therefore more likely to be in the market for upgraded or more extensive services and supplies.

Because Fastest Growing Businesses are made up of businesses who have experienced a sharp increase in the number of employees since last verification, they are likely to be evolving and upgrading their business needs, profile and services and at a key time when a business introduction is likely to be productive.

The service is designed to provide you with a timely inside eye on all the Fastest Growing Businesses in your area, on an on-going basis enabling you to have a unique opportunity to make contact with businesses when they need your services.

How does the Fast Growing Businesses data service work?

Fast Growing Businesses is a monthly data service that informs you hot off the press of all the businesses identified as being in the midst of a steep business growth curve. To qualify to fall within this elite fraction of the business marketplace, a business must have achieved a significant growth in employee numbers of between 20-300% since last verification. (The smaller the business, the higher the growth percentage required to qualify.) The service is supplied on a strictly limited availability basis per industry, in order to ensure that the data is both effective and exclusive.

What does it cost?

The service is sold on a strictly limited availability 12 month subscription to as many or as few postal areas as required (subject to availability.)

Average cost per lead gets progressively cheaper the more areas you subscribe to.

What information will I receive?

You will receive everything you need to get in touch with the right person at the right time, including:

  1. Full Company Name
  2. Full Company Address & Postcode
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Senior Decision Maker's Name and Position
  5. Specific Business Market Sector
  6. Website Address (where available)
  7. Number of Employees
  8. % Increase of employees since last verification
  9. TPS Indicators where relevant.

What is the best way of getting results from the data?

Our customers use Fast Growing Businesses in various ways; A free consultation, review, industry health-check or special offer is an excellent way to introduce your company at the perfect time when they are evolving as a business and likely to be upgrading or expanding services. This can be communicated via a leaflet or introductory letter in the post, or with a courteous telephone call to introduce your company and arrange an appointment or follow up. Some customers offer a value added offer or discounted first purchase to entice an initial booking and help create the habit of using their company as a key service provider thereafter. Our customers find that the first few customers obtained as a result of using the data more than covers the cost of the service for the year. To get the very best response, we recommend a proactive follow up with a relevant, friendly and personalised message. Please feel free to ask us at any time for more ideas of what is working