Market Location


Businesses on the Move is a unique new monthly data service now available from Market Location. The service is designed to provide you with advance hot off the press information of all the businesses that have just confirmed their intention to relocate to new premises in the near future!

This is highly prized and extremely rare data set, as most businesses do not appear on the radar of other databases until long after they have moved premises. This unique data file is formulated using our in-house 70 seat call centre to ask location critical questions and gain first-hand knowledge on those businesses that are 'on the move'. Across all business sectors, this specialist data service gives an invaluable heads up on businesses that will need all the new products and services associated with changing location. This extremely insightful and valuable advance information enables you to have the very earliest opportunity to be alerted to business movement when they are most likely to be seeking new service providers, systems and suppliers for their various needs.

What Makes Market Location So Good At Obtaining This Information?

118 Information is one of only 3 data owners in the UK who independently verify and collect business data in house, making over 10,000 connected calls per day via our 70 seat call centre. We partner with BT, Microsoft Bing, plus other major web directories and directory enquiries providers. All these, together with a host of other sources including Companies House. hundreds of online directories, as well as receiving Companies House feeds and new telephone line updates, all of which gives us unique and immediate daily access to critical business changes across the UK. Our data is so reliable and respected for accuracy and quality that we even supply the BT phone book, Bing, Yahoo and, among many others.

What Information will I Receive?

You will receive everything you need to get in touch with the right person at the right time, including:

  1. Full Company Name
  2. Full Company Address & Postcode
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Senior Decision Maker's Name and Position
  5. Specific Business Market Sector
  6. Website Address (where available)
  7. Estimated month of move
  8. Email address (optional)
  9. Number of Employees
  10. TPS & CTPS Indicators where relevant.

What is the Best Way of Getting Results from the Data?

Businesses on the Move can be used in a variety of ways. A free consultation or special offer is an excellent way to introduce your company at the perfect time when they need your services. This can be communicated via a leaflet or introductory letter in the post, or with a courteous telephone call to introduce your company and arrange an appointment or follow up.

Some customers offer a "movers" discount off their first month or first purchase to entice an initial booking and help create the habit of using their company as their main service provider thereafter. Keeping in touch regularly until the move date keeps your company firmly in the minds of each prospective customer. Our customers find that the first few customers obtained as a result of using the data more than covers the cost of the service for the year. To get the very best response, we recommend a proactive and on-going follow up with a relevant, friendly and personalised message. Please feel free to ask us at any time for more ideas of what is working well for others.